Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Nico

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Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Nico

Fratmen Jonah meets Fratmen Nico

Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Nico

Fratmen Jonah and Fratmen Nico

Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Nico

*Video:fratmen sucks jonah nico

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25 Responses to "Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Nico"
  1. Will4U Will4U says:

    In equal parts sweet and HOT.

  2. Avatar Kevan says:

    Forget the Jonah and Micky pairing! THIS IS THE REAL SHIT YOU GUYS!

    • Eric Eric says:

      FUUUUUUUUUCK. You’re right. That wax pouring action is incredible. And Jonah looks better with Nico than with Micky.

      • Avatar Kevan says:

        Exactly. And aside from Nico, the whole set-up here is just miles better than that one with Micky. Jonah really is beginning to become one of my favorite guys. I’d contact him if only possible and drain my savings just for a night with him if necessary. Haha

        • Eric Eric says:

          Please tell me if it’s actually happening. I’ll be glad to chip in or do the same for a chance to fucked by him also.

          • Avatar Kevan says:

            Oh he won’t fuck me. I will be the one pounding that cute fluffy ass of his. Haha. Shit the thought’s making me harder than I already am. Hahaha

  3. Sam Sam says:

    Holy shit. This is too hot to handle.

  4. Xtian Xtian says:

    JonahJonahJonah why so perfect!?!

  5. Drew02 Drew02 says:

    PERFECTION. The candles. The melted wax on Nico’s chest. The tub! Jonah! This is fucking perfect.

  6. HunkyVince HunkyVince says:

    Here they go again… Stop romanticizing porn people!

  7. nate19 nate19 says:

    this is so romantic… hehe. i want my first time like this…

    • Xtian Xtian says:

      Nobody’s a virgin anymore these days. Stop the act. LOL

      • nate19 nate19 says:

        i wish im not… im looking for a life partner here. someone to love. can i find mister right in this site? i hope so… hehe..


        • Xtian Xtian says:

          Grow up man. It’s okay to look for love but not in a website. People who come here are here to enjoy sex. Good luck. Looks like you’re about to live a hard life if you’re looking for love in a place like this.

  8. CuteBoy27 CuteBoy27 says:

    So sweet. I hope they’re together in real life.

  9. HunkyVince HunkyVince says:

    What is this a scene from some Nicolas fucking Sparks novel?

  10. HiImMike HiImMike says:

    they are both so beautiful and hot!

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