Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Marco

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Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Marco

Jonah and Marco take the day to relax by the pool sunbathing and swimming. The other ways they spend their time relaxing together on a warm summer day has been a mystery until now…

Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Marco

You could say Fratmen Jonah and Marco are pretty good friends just from observing the time they spend together on the voyeur cams over at the Fratpad. The guys at the pad being buddy buddy isn’t really a surprise to any of us, particularly when they end up on web cam together taking showers and such. The real mystery is and has always been, how do these fellows spend time away from the house and off LIVE cam?! Jonah and Marco coincidentally have the day off and decide to spend it at the Resort where they lay out for some sun bathing, swimming and some plain old innocent relaxation… that is until the cold summer cocktails start pouring. Check out these two frat boys really loosen up on their day off and turn a bit of innocent fun, into a scandalous adventure!

Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Marco

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6 Responses to "Fratmen Sucks: Jonah Marco"
  1. John B. John B. says:

    It’s raining Jonah videos and I am NOT complaining at all!


  2. Xtian Xtian says:

    K. Now you’re back to being creepy.

  3. Will4U Will4U says:

    Jonah is perfection. <3

  4. HiImMike HiImMike says:

    Why are there so many videos of Jonah???

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