Fratmen Sucks: Jace Jonah

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Fratmen Sucks: Jace Jonah 2

Today, Jace takes us on a sexual journey with Jonah in one of his wildest dreams. Even a chain link fence can’t keep these two off of each other!

Fratmen Sucks: Jace Jonah 2

In this FratmenSucks Special Presentation, Jonah and Jace take us to a new level of passion and intensity. Starting out with a simple movie night, while in Jonah’s lap, Jace dozes off into a cinematic gladiator-inspired dream. With a chain-link fence separating them, the dream plays out the old adage that love recognizes no barriers. So grab some popcorn and lube, sit back, turn up the bass, and enjoy Fratmen Jonah and Fratmen Jace in this special feature presentation.

Fratmen Sucks: Jace Jonah 2

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7 Responses to "Fratmen Sucks: Jace Jonah"
  1. Andy Andy says:

    Shit this is too hot

  2. Will4U Will4U says:


  3. Eric Eric says:

    Okay. Doing it with wire fence in between is now on my bucket list. :))

  4. Xtian Xtian says:

    This is fucking awesome

  5. Damon Damon says:

    As long as its Jonah it must be good. Haha

  6. Avatar John B. says:

    This is a new fantasy of mine… hehe..

  7. Eric Eric says:


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