Fratmen Sucks: Cole Rico

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Fratmen Sucks: Cole Rico

Fratmen Rico wants to join the Fratpad, but Fratmen Cole has to evaluate him first. Let’s see how Rico does.

Fratmen Sucks: Cole Rico

Not every Fratmen we have is able to get into the Fratpad, and this week, we have Fratmen Cole to help us evaluate a prospective pledge. Fratmen Rico really wants to get in, and demonstrates he has the right attitude for the Pad. Fratmen Rico and Cole have a friendly chat for a little bit before both boys strip completely naked. Rico’s blowjob skills are tested, and he does well, taking Cole’s fat dick in his mouth. Cole returns the favor, and it sends Rico close to the edge. All of the passionate action brings Fratmen Cole and Rico to the bed where they jerk off their cocks and cum together.

Fratmen Sucks: Cole Rico

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2 Responses to "Fratmen Sucks: Cole Rico"
  1. HunkyVince HunkyVince says:

    Wanna fuck that daddy with chest hair.

  2. HiImMike HiImMike says:

    I love Cole’s body. I want to fuck his ass so bad.

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