Fratmen Sucks: Ayay Jayden Micky

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Fratmen Sucks: Ayay Jayden Micky

We have a stunning three-way this week! Twin brothers Ajay and Micky wrestle it out and take advantage of Jayden in the spa.

Fratmen Sucks: Ayay Jayden Micky

Ajay and Micky are two brothers that are very athletic, very sexy, and, as of late, very mischievous with the other Fratmen. We find them wrestling on the mats at Fratpad. Wearing only singlets the twin brothers grapple and toss each other’s muscular bodies until they’re both exhausted. After stripping from their sweaty gear, Micky and Ajay pass a sleeping Jayden and hit the outdoor spa. The twins are a little noisy, and wake Jayden from his afternoon nap. Jayden decides to join them. This isn’t the first time he’s enjoyed a pair of twins, after all. Ajay and Micky keep Jayden between the both of them them as he jerks and sucks their cocks. It’s amazing watching these perfect male specimens pleasure each other freely and sensually. Jayden and the twins find themselves on the bed where they go for one more round of oral sex. All three cum, and Jayden quickly falls back asleep. Micky and Ajay finish the evening with a satisfying cigarette.

Fratmen Sucks: Ayay Jayden Micky

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9 Responses to "Fratmen Sucks: Ayay Jayden Micky"
  1. John B. says:

    Hi… Can I join the fun… Hehe

  2. Eric says:


  3. HunkyVince says:

    Great bodies you three!

  4. nate19 says:

    i feel such a loser for not having this experience in my life as well… haist


  5. Sam says:

    They’re okay. Hot. But give me a threesome with Porter, Jonah and Payton and I’ll fucking bawl my eyes out.

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