Fratmen Sucks: Asher Vincent

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Fratmen Sucks: Asher Vincent

This week, we have two stunning studs finally paired together. What starts as a stripping contest ends in amazing oral sex.

Fratmen Sucks: Asher Vincent

Fratmen Asher and Vincent are definitely the competitive types, and when it comes to lap dances or stripteases, there is no exception. Our two Fratmen start dancing and removing their clothes until they’re fully naked, but the fun and games don’t stop there. Asher and Vincent take it to the next level and try to give each other the best blowjobs they can. After both of these guys blow their loads, they take to the shower, and Asher still has a rock hard boner! You gotta check this out.

Fratmen Sucks: Asher Vincent

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3 Responses to "Fratmen Sucks: Asher Vincent"
  1. John B. John B. says:

    having fun boys? hehe.. may i join?

  2. HiImMike HiImMike says:

    Wow they do look like they’re enjoying themselves. 😀

  3. Sam Sam says:


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