A Poem for Reece from phoinixblue

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you guys, i wanted to see
if reece will fall in love with me
so i set up a date
for him to bite the bait
no… it’s not to watch him masturbate
it’ll be a candle lit dinner, picnic basket, a fucking date!
i have a feeling i may come on strong
but what the heck, ask me if i care if it turns out wrong
it’ll be at nine
and oh boy, i’ll be dressed-up fine
with mah gucci boat shoes, oooh ima be sooo cuteeee
i pray to god he’ll find me hot
though he is straight, and i prolly should not
what the fuck?
there’s a fly in my room…
can we not? i’m busy with my poem…
i’m hungryyy 🙁 i wanna go eat now…
thank you all coz ima take a bow 🙂


the end. i heart reece. thanks!

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