Wall To Wall Sex #5 – Ryan Rides Again

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Video: Wall To Wall Sex #5 - Ryan Rides Again

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Home Town Guys
Ryan & Mike…A few years ago Ryan did several sessiong for HTG that were used on two tapes, then we lost touch with each other. Late last year we got back together again and started filming all new videos. I promised him that he’s get a whole video named after him and here it is.

Ryan is a versatile performer and always hard and ready for a romp. Here he is paired up with Mike, one of my best bottom boys. Ryan’s totally smooth body contrasts nicely with Mike’s slightly hairy one and they put on a great suck and fuck show with both of them getting their nuts sucked.

Ryan and Brian…You’ve probably seen Brian in several HTG films and in both titles from Boy Hard Videos. He’s a horny little bastard and he’s always begging to get into a video sex session. This session was no exception.

Brian is one hot sex machine and he never slows down. When Ryan plants his cock firmly up Brian’s butt you know he’s enjoying the hell out of it. After getting thoroughly fucked by Ryan, Mike’s turns around and fucks the cum out of Ryan’s cock then he jerks of his own load on to Ryan’s face.

Ryan and Matt…HTG’s newest video model is Matt, a 19year old squid that literally just got off the boat. He’s new in town, looking for excitement and itching to live out a fantasy that been driving him since he saw his first porno movie as a kid. Ryan proved to be just the right “experienced” model to make Matt’s dreams come true.

These two were very “kissy face” during the session and their chemistry was fantastic. Ryan did things I’d never seen him do before like eat Matt’s ass and fuck the boy so good that Matt just couldn’t hold his cum back any longer. The session ends with Matt working a dildo up Ryan’s butt until he sperms everywhere.

Ryan and Seven…Every once in a while a man stumbles into my studio who is nothing less than perfect. Seven was such a man–tall, lean, handsome, straight (or at least liberally Bi), and very well hung. He needed to get some fast money and he didn’t care what he had to do to get it. I could have made him a STAR!

Well, Seven only did a couple of sessions and Ryan was the lucky guy to be on the receiving end of Seven’s double orgasm (one on Ryan’s face) fuck session. Even now, month’s later, whenever anyone mentions Seven’s name Ryan just smiles and says “I was the only one to ever get that cock up my ass!” Whoa!

Ryan and Jason and Jason…I had Jason (JC) shoot this video for me because I was looking for something different, something more exciting than the usual fare, and I think I got it! Ryan and Jason (JB) are getting better aquatinted when JC starts to worm his way into the video too.

We all know that JC has a big cock and a tremendous sexual appetite. I was hoping this encounter would bring those out and it did. It is so exciting to watch Ryan swinging on JC’s cock and so “voyeuristic” to listen as JB tells JC that he’s not getting that big cock up his ass….and then he DOES get it up his butt.

The sex in this session goes round and round and the camera gets passed from person to person so it’s a little jumpy in places, but the action is hot, the men are all sexed up and into it, and the cum flying everywhere is the icing on the cake, and on JC’s face. This is one you gotta see!

Stars: Ryan, Jason, Mike, Brian, Matt, Seven

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