Twinks In Pain

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Video: Twinks In Pain

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Scene 1:

See Daddy Darby having his way with young James Allen, who’s been tied to the bed. Darby stretches young James’ balls before whipping his feet. James Allen is still tied to the bed; Daddy Darby plays with James’ balls till they’re nice and red. Daddy Darby decides to milk him. But first he slides a butt-plug up James’ arse. James Allen is then told to pleasure Daddy Darby by way of chewing his nipples. This finishes with James cuming over his own chest, followed by a load from Darby.

Scene 2:

The ever popular Sykes Blackburn is back. He starts off with his back to the camera, perfect time for whipping him. In the end Sykes is whipping front and back. Sykes has to pleasure both himself and Daddy Darby. He sucks, chew’s and bites Darby’s nipples while wanking himself off. Sykes finds himself blindfolded and tied to the bed. Darby decides cum control is the order of the day and milks his large cock.

Stars: Daddy Darby, James Allen, Sykes Blackburn

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