Treating Boy Right

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Video: Treating Boy Right

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Prime Beef
Some of my favorite tapes are those in which I mix up the ages, so in Volume 126 I was able to once again do some “mix-em-ups” with Volume 125’s “Chrome Domes,” Hunter and Drake. 19-year-old Noah, last seen in Volume 48, joins the mix, as the three guys spend “a lot” of time getting to know each other. The two older guys take turns sucking Noah’s big boy-cock, with both guys tickling his cock in unison at several points. Noah had never had a three-way, and the squeals and moans he was performing were for real. Once tattooed Hunter started fingering him he squealed more. The camera got some excellent close-ups of Noah’s young ass. The guys also get into a predictable yet exciting daisy chain, with each guy slurping the cock in front of him. The camera also gets to spy all the kissing, giving you a close-up of two (and sometimes three) tongues mixing sweat and sex juices. In the end Hunter shoots his spooge all over Noah’s tender cock, which he uses as lube. When Noah gets ready to cum he shoves Drake on his cock and forces Drake to guzzle his whole boy-load. Afterwards I talk to all three guys, with Noah passing on his favorable review of his first three-way.

Stars: Hunter Chase, Drake Tanner, Noah Riley

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