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Video: Torrid Twinks

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High Drive Productions
These days, dropping your underwear is how twinks meet! Get ready for a new generation of TORRID TWINKS from High Drive Productions/ 10 athletic spunk starz (all 18+) showcase their irresistible and delectable assets in one white-hot, torrid video. Director Brady Mayo is turning these amateur porn stars into pros!

Scene 1: Jay Ray (19) & PG Nasty (20)

Newbie Jay Ray and cover stud PG Nasty meet on the casting couch. Jay Ray is in search of a Top to film him getting topped for his Web cam show. P.O.V. oral sex is just the start! Watch in disbelief how PG stuffs his 10″ rod into Jay Ray’s mouth. PG’s long, thick cock is great eye-candy. His cute bud Jay Ray gets stuffed in the butt to the max with PG’s huge dick! Two blond studs bang in numerous positions to climax.

Scene 2: Matt Sex (18)

Blond, hung and skinny twink Matt Sex gets into it. After a brief interview from the director, Matt excitingly strips his clothes off and teases his fans fondling his huge dick. During an extended ass play session, Matt demonstrates his edging techniques. Hottie Matt takes it over the edge. Then he licks it up what he squirted!

Scene 3: Tom Luis (27), Adam Blank (20) & Jim Crew (19)

Frat bros’ Tom Luis and Adam Blank stop over at Jim Crew’s for a soak in the hot tub after the match. Adam boasts about how good he sucks cock and proves his point sucking off his frat bros’ Tom and Jim. Emo twink Adam crawls up on the bed and gets double penetrated. A 3-way spit-roast session begins on the bed led by Tom and Jim. Watch the facials fly during the cum shots, especially when Adam Blank blows his cum wad!

Scene 4: Axel Johnson (19) & Tyler Kross (18)

Porn pup Axel Johnson and his bud Tyler Kross are hired to do some yard work. Jr. hottie Axel exposes his huge dick to his buddy Tyler and teases him with it. Axel takes to Tyler like a duck takes to water. Axel gets hard blowing his buddy Tyler in the garden. Tyler then bends Axel over the table and bones him in the rear. These cream-filled spunk starz sure are eager to please.

Scene 5: Ashton Gore (19) & Videl (20)

Goth twink Videl follows emo twink Ashton Gore back to his villa. They talk fashion and sex and begin blowing each other’s stiffies. Videl is the Top here and he ploughs his punk rock buddy in the rear. The chemistry is so white hot, they cum in unison. This new generation of twinks fucking each other makes one torrid summer!

Stars: Axel Johnson, Adam Blank, Jim Crew, Ashton Gore, Jay Ray, Matt Sex, PG Nasty, Tom Luis, Tyler Kross, Videl

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