The American Way Part 2 – Lust

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Video: The American Way Part 2 - Lust

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This is the story of Ashton Ryan choosing the best young men he’s met during the past year to join him for a weekend of “LUST” at his uncle’s seclued mountain cabin. He lures them with the promise of “LOVE” and serves them heaping portions of sex! The result is six sizzling sex scenes, culminating in a group scenethat fulfills Ashton sexually, but in the end leaves him alone to ponder the meaning of “LUST” without “LOVE”.

Stars: Court Logan, Christian Owen, Ashton Ryan, Lee Walbash, Cayden Blaine, Macabe Fredricks, Jared Hawthorne, Caleb Michaels, Zach Rhodes, Enrique Rivera, Marty Stern

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