The American Way 3: Love

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Video: The American Way 3: Love

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RAD Video
Director, Kevin Clarke, has done it again. Teamed with RAD Video, Clarke released the third entry in his popular “The American Way” series. It is certainly his best film so far, partly because he is blessed with the most delectable cast he’s ever assembled.

Loosely weaved together through the narration of Ashton Ryan and his screen cousin (Seth Ryan), The American Way 3: Love is vibrantly photographed and believably performed. In it, eleven fresh-faced youths with boyish bodies and man-sized dicks race through half a dozen scenes. Flushed with the youthful excitement of sexual discovery, the boys simply make a picnic lunch of one another.

Scene One: Sleek brunet, Shane Glacier, and baby-faced cherub Travis Wilde, snack on each other in a backyard Jacuzzi under a perfectly cloudless summer sky. After considerable foreplay, the young men move the action indoors, where Shane fucks Travis in a variety of hot positions. Travis’ cumshots fly several feet overhead as Shane continues to fuck him sensuously.

Scene Two: Trevor Brighton, a handsome dark-haired boy, and copper-streaked Scott Vallon, playfully explore each other on a blanket under the sun. After undressing each other, the action soon heats up, and both prove to be talented head-givers.

Scene Three: Deeply tanned, green-eyed brunet, Dean Stamos, is sprawled poolside in black silk trunks watching the bottled blond pool boy, Ethan Fischer. Stamos motions the kid over, and he doesn’t have to ask twice before Fischer has dived for his crotch and found his already-hard cock. Fischer also has a talent for auto-fellatio and before long, he has thrown his legs in the air to suck off both his own AND Stamos’ cock simultaneously!

Scene Four: The centerpiece of American Way 3 is a torrid and dark group sex scene. It takes place in a leather bar where most of the cast sex piglets assemble to widen their repertoires in a bit of S&M Lite. Ethan Fisher and Dean Stamos march the leashed and dog-collared young Travis Wilde onto a red-felt pool table to work him over, orally and anally. Trevor Brighton and Scott Vallon take turns servicing (and being serviced) by a hung, tattooed, pierced, masked kid with a huge dick, played by Evan Hurley.

Scene Five: Ashton Ryan is featured in a solo scene as he gazes his reflection in a sliding glass door. To pad the scene, clips from his appearances in earlier American Way productions are inter-cut.

Scene Six: The grand finale – and it is grand – focuses on cousin Seth Ryan, who is discovered in bed with a very cute young trick, Caleb Andrews. This adorable blond is the perfect pairing for the platinum southern gentleman, Seth. Caleb’s innocent face, smooth body, furry crotch, and hefty erection all enhance his electrical screen presence. The boys order a pizza and, while waiting for it, pass the time ransacking each other’s body. When the pizza boy arrives, Seth Ryan and Caleb both dive for his cock. The pizza boy has his way anally with both boys.

Stars: Ashton Ryan, Caleb Andrews, Seth Ryan, Shane Glacier, Ethan Fischer, Travis Wilde, Trevor Brighton, Scott Vallon, Dean Stamos, Clifton Jeffries, Evan Hurley

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