Tender Teammates

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Video: Tender Teammates

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Island Caprice Studios
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Wutt and Wattana are out for an afternoon of football practice but something funny is going on. They are suddenly sportingly nude and as they kick, butt, and bounce the ball around, their varios appendages respond in kind. Later Wattana is to pay back Wutt for a nasty trick but we won’t spoil the surprise. Once showered these two are a different pair: affectionate and fervent, as they take turns sucking and fucking each other solidly. Thick love juice is soon to grace their brown bellies in a great victory celebration.
Elsewhere, Niyom and Phisai take turns on each other in an engaging romp. Niyom is new to this but gives it all up for his buddy.
Finally, cutie Danai is trying to study but is getting no support from Chupong who flops a solid dick down on his workbooks for attention. Resistence is weak and soon Danai is dragged into the bedroom for the assault. Both these guys know what they are doing, too, as they share eachother’s orifices and orgasms. You can join the Tender Teammates yourself!

Stars: Danai, Niyom, Phisai, Wutt, Wattana, Chupong

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