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Video: Teamplay

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Bel Ami
Ion Davidov’s birthday is the catalyst for his swim team to celebrate with abandon. In training for the upcoming swim meet, they pair off for private encounters in not-so-private places. Poolside, the showers and hallways are just some of the locations of the sex-sessions. The birthday boy fucking Justin Marino in a bathroom may just be the hottest scene Bel Ami ever captured on video. There’s more sex than you can shake a stick (or dick) at, with highlights including a double fuck foursome (two [more] couples fucking at the same time), an oral sex scene cumshot which hits a hovering ass, and, leaving no space unusable for sex, a fuck in a narrow hallway on a piece of furniture which wasn’t designed for it. Furthermore, there’s a really hot and ribald fuck in a bathroom stall, and an early sex scene that sees each partner cum twice (as we all should in real life when we hook up).

Stars: Jiri Sydnec, Karl Tenner, Max Orloff, Oleg Vronski, Adam Cartier, Filip Olivier, Julian Armanis, Ion Davidov, Justin Marino, Martin Eden, Ivan Fjodorov, Nokola Gismondi, Marek Kodes, Jacques Mellies, Karl Moser

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