Surf’s Up

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Video: Surf's Up

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Bijou Classics
No plot, little dialogue, lots of blonds, and a steady stream of sex highlight this flick. Oh yes, there are also shots of young men riding waves. Newcomer Jim North appears in the majority of the scenes. The handsome blond gives Shane Erickson a long and vigorous fuck in the opening sequence. After 69ing, they begin their long, intense fuck session that is filmed well from below. Later, Shane is joined by a brunet in the shower. They rub their tongues and cocks together until breaking to trade blowjobs. Jim jacks off in his bedroom after a long day at the beach. He cums and falls asleep, but when a brunet friend stops by he can’t resist the sight of Jim’s firm buns. He probes his anus with his tongue (there is good rimming footage here), then fucks his hole. Of note in this film are the excellent shots and the almost-extinct rim jobs. Another couple begin in the kitchen and move to the living room to 69. Cock riding and jerking shafts are highlighted. Robert Bank performs a solo in the shower before joining Jim, later, in the garage. Excellent penetration shots are captured as Robert eats out Jim’s asshole and plugs it full of boner. No live sound, no characters, and nothing to do with surfing, just sex by a cast of cuties and boy-next-door types. Also stars Kurt Bateman, Lee Anderson, Tony Harris, and Steve Moore. An Ocean Productions release.

Stars: Lee Anderson, Steven Moore, Kurt Bateman, Jim North, Shane Erickson, Tony Harris

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