Summer Sweat

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Video: Summer Sweat

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100% BAREBACK! Cute young boys working up a sweat under the summer sun. A stunning array of horned up smooth fuckers pumping tight butt holes full of hard dick, working up to intense explosions of hot spunk drenching each other from head to toe!

Scene One:

Long dark haired Brandon gets the fucking of a lifetime with toned stud Thomas Dyk. Flexing his ripped abs and showing off his cute bubble butt, Thomas can’t wait to get smooth twink Brandon up against the shed and down on his thick cock. Getting his hole wet and ready, it’s soon sliding over his cock in great close-up shots Thomas can fuck forever, and Brandon enjoys every second of it, staying rock solid throughout until he spunks his load, turns around and devours Thomas’ still aching shaft and takes all the cum he can handle into his sweet mouth.

Scene Two:

Johny and Aaron get frisky in the caravan when Johny catches his mate fingering himself inside. Always there to help out, Johny comes in and offers his throbbing cock and tight hole for some extra pleasure. Dark haired Aaron loves the taste of Johny’s butt and balls, ramming his meat straight into his waiting hole, picking up speed before pummelling it hard and fast. These smooth young lads take it in turns to push their cocks inside each other, making the bed springs squeak and each other moan in ecstasy!!

Scene Three:

Sexy Speedos!! Smooth boys in tight swimwear is enough o make anyones crotch twitch and this scene does exactly that and more!! Filip teases John during a shower outside and both soon end up with a massive cock in their mouths. Slim John looks great next to the tanned Filip, with his long hair and buff body, it’s not surprising that he’s soon standing to attention and ready for a real spunk shower.

Scene Four:

Super stud Filip returns for more hardcore action, getting his fill from sexy new guy Karlos. Having his hole licked and prodded with his tongue, Filip lies back as takes all he can get, getting ready for the slick movements from his fuck buddy. Thomas Dyk soon shows up spying on these two toned fuckers, getting pumped up and then jumps in and thrusts his cock into Filips face, and flips his over for more bare butt fucking. Both then squirt their juice all over Filip’s face before he joins in the spunk frenzy, shooting all over himself.

Scene Five:

Smooth, sexy and very horny, Matt Woody gives John a real ass workout under the afternoon sky. After enjoying a horny oral session, his cock is thrust deep inside John and then teases it with some great fucking techniques, gentle, shallow fucking, speeding up to a hard pounding, these horny young boys show us how they fuck to perfection, sliding down on his wet cock, feeling it dive it deep and thrust inside, building to an intense orgasm and shooting enough spunk to bathe in!!

Scene Six:

The final scene gives us superstar Johan Volny enjoying a hot three-way with Radek and Steve, messing around in the hay is far hornier than ever before; massive cocks and tight butt holes, these guys use their horniness to show off their toned bodies working up a sweat. Johan’s big cock soon works out his mates butt whilst he gets a faceful from Steve, covering his cute face in hot spunk and finishing with a butt covered in it too!!

Stars: Brandon Wilde, Johan Volny, Matt Woody, Thomas Dyk, Johny Hunter, Karlos Armandes, Radek Danko, John Paul, Steve Vulcan, Filip Dean, Aaron Garett

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