ShowGuys #4: Carlo & Gabriel

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Video: ShowGuys #4: Carlo & Gabriel

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ShowGuys Video
When Carlo and A Gabriel met, Carlo was jerking his dick for in a solo scene for ShowGuys Video, and AG was on the computer. They asked Sam the cameraman if they could do a scene together, and Sam was happy to agree.

At the beginning of the scene they throw off their clothes and immediately get into heavy kissing and groping. Carlo yanks AG’s short off the ass that he know he will soon be fucking, as AG’s tongue moves down Carlo’s body. AG soon finds Carlo’s beautiful cock and pulls it out of his shorts, and gets busy sucking while stroking himself. Carlo is hard as a rock and lies back and enjoys AG’s stupendous blow job. Finally, Sam tells AG to get rid of Carlo’s underwear, which he does, exposing Carlo’s shaved pubes and iron dick. Carlo starts sucking on AG’s long pole, while caressing his low hung balls.

AG pushes Carlo back on the bed and climbs on – kissing and dry humping and worshipping Carlo’s body and rock hard cock. Carlo loves the attention he and his dick are getting, and soon the two are in a hot sixty-nine position. AG continues to prove he’s the best deep-throater in the business, and Carlo loves AG’s big dick.

Sam suggests they get to the fucking. AG lubes up Carlo’s pole and puts a condom on him. Sam positions Carlo for the best shot of the penetration. AG sits on him, and Carlo’s dick slides home. We have some great shots of Carlo’s hairy ass, balls and his big bat vanishing up AG’s asshole. The two go at it so hard the bed threatens to collapse. Sam suggests AG turn around to face the camera, which he does all the while impaled on Carlo’s cock. Sam wants to see Carlo’s face, so the two models go on their side; Carlo is a fucking machine, much to AG’s delight.

Finally the two get into position to shoot, AG on his back, Carlo on his knees over him. They both jerk off and both shoot their thick loads at the same moment, Carlo on AG’s chest and AG on his stomach. The guys finish as they started – kissing and caressing, and AG allows that it’s a hell of a lot more fun in front of the camera than behind it.

Stars: Gabriel, Carlo

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