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In Sex Camp, guys camp outdoors and discover what cums natural! Alexandre Pleintemps tops Mischa Viaeu in a wooded glen at the same time as Sony Tessier and Lucas DuSolei walk by and get the same idea. Sony and Lucas begin to make out too, then both couples acknowledge each other and retreat to a nearby house for more sex play. Aelxandre tells the rest that he knows other couples who have used the woods for pleasure, too. First, Joey Picard and Nicky Wells emerge from their tent in the park to the fresh air of the great outdoors. They satisfy their morning hard-ons with Joey topping Nicky on a blanket in front of the tent. Then it’s Mischa’s turn to tell the story of Jason Desjardin, who got busted by busy-body Billy Gascon. Billy threatens to report Jason for sleeping on a picnic table, but instead takes pity on him and the two take turns topping and bottoming each other in broad daylight. Alexandre’s and Mischa’s hot stories get everyone excited, causing the party to become a partner swapping orgy! First, Alexandre tops Sony, while Mischa gets plugged by Lucas, then Alexandre tops Lucas and everyone cums!

Stars: Nicky Wells, Alexandre Pleintemps, Lucas Dusolei, Mischa Viaeu, Suny Tessier, Jason Desjardin, Billy Gascon, Joey Piccard

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