Separate Then Together #2: Seth & Aiden

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Video: Separate Then Together #2: Seth & Aiden

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Pegasus Productions

First up of the pair is Seth. Seth is a tall long haired surfer type that was recommended to be by another model. He is charming and a lot of fun to work with. We started off the scene in the shower. He sets the water temp and climbs in and soaps down, and we get our first view of his body. He’s lean and fit with a lotta meat hanging. I made a comment about how well hung he was and he said that compared to Aiden (his BF) he looked small. Well, we’ll see later. After rinsing off he leans against the shower wall and starts to stroke his dick. It starts to get hard and he keeps going at it, until he asks if he can lay down and finish. No problem, so we move to the bedroom. Now he gets full hard stroking and watching some porn. This dude IS well hung, no matter what he says. At least 8” maybe more. Finally he shoots a nice load on his abs and I send him off for another shower. Nice slow motion of cum shot here.


Aiden is one HUNG dude! I get him to sit on a counter in the kitchen to show his stuff. When he takes his dick out it is huge. Not just long, but THICK. He starts jerking off, playing with his foreskin and seems to really get into it. He doesn’t change position much but I walk around and get him from a few good angles. You have to see him to believe him and I can’t imagine how Seth is gonna cope with that tomorrow. Anyway he gets into ”Get Off” mode and soon is ready to cum. I told him to shoot on the top of the stool in front of him and he obliges me. After he cums he just sits back a bit and lets his cock just hang there. Nice sight!

Seth and Aiden:

Here we have Seth and Aiden together. They are BF’s but have only been with each other for a few days and have not yet had anal but were gonna try it for the camera. They start out kissing and it is clear that they are very into each other. Soon they start stripping each other, first the shirts then the pants and they are still making out and rubbing each others crotch. Finally Seth pulls down Aidens briefs and goes to work on his dick. Seth can barely get half of Aidens huge dong in his mouth though he really tries to get as much as he can in. Aiden is already hard as the briefs come off and stays that way. Aiden decides to give Seth a bit of loving and takeds off his boxers and goes down on him. Soon they are 69ing and both loving it.

Seth rolls off Aiden and puts a condom on Aidens dick. This is quite a trick because even with magnum XL’s it is quite a squeeze. Seth sits on Aidens abs and slowly slides back onto his dick. He gets almost the whole length in but it is not a good position for them and they switch to doggy position. Aiden guides his dick in and pumps away. Finally Seth says no more for now so they lay together on their backs and help each other to orgasm. This is a great vid and I think you will enjoy it!!

Stars: Seth, Aiden

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