Phys-Ed Butt Bullies

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Video: Phys-Ed Butt Bullies

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High Drive Productions
New York, NY_Ten big-dicked butt bullies are balling for victory in High Drive Production’s PHYS-ED BUTT BULLIES. Watch these college-aged butt jockeys square off in a non-stop tournament of sport sex! It’s pitchers vs. catchers and these raunchy jr. jocks choose sides!
Scene 1: Kenny Kash & Brad Michaels
Cover studs’ Brad Michaels & cocky Texas bad boy Kenny Kash go AWOL to exercise buck-naked! Sexual tension builds when Kenny wrestles Brad on his back. They swap licks and suck each other’s sticks. Brad bends and spreads while Kenny lines up his dick and mounts his buddy Brad in doggy. Butt bully Kenny power fucks Brad while he moans and groans. Then these stars spunk on each other!
Scene 2: Dakota, Gunnar, Star, Kaden Roads, Blaine Black, Brad Bones & Gavin Stone
Drill sergeant Dakota summons the students to a regime of exercises designed to strengthen dick-sucking skills. Nude jumping jacks and push-ups are part of the routine. When Brad Bones wrestles Dakota in the dirt field, the tournament of sport sex and XXX fitness begins!
Scene 3: Blaine Black & Kaden Roads
After a few laps on the track, big-dicked Blaine takes a break to beat off his 10″ dick. Blaine hears a noise and discovers his hot buddy Kaden Roads spying. Sexy Kaden strips and these lewd dudes skinny-dip together. Kaden services Blaine in the river and soon they compete to see who can shoot and squirt the furthest wad!
Scene 4: Star & Brad Bones
Spunkstars Star and Brad Bones are playing chase outside. Star drops to his knees and deep throats his buddy Brad. They roll around on the sleeping bag and sixty-nine. Butt bully Brad can’t resist the ass and mounts Star in missionary. Then Star gets it in doggy! Star moans and groans while Brad shoots first and then Star catches up moments later!
Scene 5: Justin Plantano
Adorable Justin is young, smooth and horse-hung! Watch him finger his ass and massage his large and unusually shaped Spanish cock. Ass play is his specialty! Watch him pop his own cherry with his finger! After he ejaculates, Justin spreads his nut all over his smooth chest!
Scene 6: Lewis Cannon & Cody Kucher
Soccer stud Lewis Cannon follows Cody Kucher to his frat. Lewis brag about the size of his dick! Cody reassures him that he gave give a fucking awesome blowjob, even with a full set of braces! Then lewd Lewis takes on Cody’s bubble butt with skill and strategy and pop’s his boy cherry! Watch this butt bully score tail big time!
Scene 7: Dusty O’Reily
Back at the dorm, devilishly cute Dusty O’Reily can’t resist thinking about sex with the other jr. jocks! In this sizzling solo scene, Dusty fingers his ass and primes it. Then he strokes his glorious cock and gives an impressive show! Your need a wet-nap when this scene is over!
Scene 8: Brad Bones, Kaden Roads & Gavin Stone
Three jr. jocks learn their lessons in physical education when these pichersa and catchers choose sides! If you like 3-ways, you’ll love it when Brad and Gavin do a train on Kaden! Kaden gets stuck in the middle while his ass gets plowed and he gets schooled on sucking cock! When Kaden can’t take it any longer, Gavin bends and spreads. Watch this dirty three-some drill deep and cream the team!
The PHYS. ED. BUTT BULLIES are erupting in lust and desire! As an extra special added bonus feature, check out Kaden Roads in a sizzling solo scene jerking off quad!

Stars: Star, Brad Michaels, Blaine Black, Gavin Stone, Kaden Roads, Kenny Kash, Cody Kucher, Lewis Cannon, Brad Bones, Justin Plantano

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