More Mayhem Virgin Sex – Paul Spankman Fucks Lukky

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Video: More Mayhem Virgin Sex - Paul Spankman Fucks Lukky

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Mayhem North
18 Year old Lukky is waiting in a room on a bed. Muscle boy Paul Spankman (also from: Mayhem Virgin Sex, Paul Spankman is Born, and Rex Likes Latex) enters the condo and walks into the bedroom. ”You must be Lukky,” Paul says. ”I was sent by Mandy Goodhandy to give you some training.” Paul proceeds to spank Lukky through his jeans, then strips him down to his underwear and spanks him some more. Then Paul sends Lukky to the shower to get cleaned. After the shower, Paul makes Lukky suck his cock. Lukky is amazed at how big the cock is. Paul then gets Lukky to use a dildo on his ass to get ready for Paul’s big cock. Lukky truly has never taken a cock up his ass (only a toy) and you can see him trying to learn how to absorb the pain, genuinely wanting to please Paul Spankman. Finally Paul fucks Lukky, good and hard, in several positions. Lukky learns to like the cock – he is genuine in his yelps and moaning, sometimes in pain, sometimes going ”Oh yeah that feels good, I understand, yeah”. Paul then cums all over Lukky’s face and mouth (a Mayhem North first). Lukky tries to drag Paul down to kiss him for Lukky’s cum-shot, which is kind of amusing to see – Paul shows some vulnerability by not wanting to reject the poor 18 year old boy, but it is obvious that the last thing Paul wants is to kiss someone whose mouth he just came into. Lukky’s cum-shot is massive and shoots all over his chest and the bed. The two boys go take a shower, and then the scene is done. This scene is special, in that, Lukky is a boy who had been following Mayhem North on the internet for over a year. Then on his 18th birthday, he showed up at our club with his photo ID and said he wanted to start stripping and doing videos. He has since said that he will never do another fuck video, but he enjoyed the experience.

Stars: Joel, Christopher, Bruce, Paul Spankman, Luckky

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