Lukas In Love Part 1

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Video: Lukas In Love Part 1

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Bel Ami
Heartbroken after catching Tim Hamilton cheating on him, Lukas travels to Cape Town, South Africa, to assist Marty Stevens in creating photos for a new BelAmi book. A baker`s dozen models are also on the trip, staying in the same hotel, taking advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other intimately. During the first part of the three-week stay, Marc Vidal gets together with Rick Fontana, Ethan Clarke with Yves Carradine, and Brandon Manilow with Josh Elliot.

When Lukas gets visibly aroused photographing Ethan and Yves, the two models seduce him, but Lukas is still hurting too much to reciprocate. When Lukas and Tommy Hansen commiserate over the cheating ways of their mutual ex, they fall into each other`s arms. Although Lukas opens up more with Tommy (who wouldn`t!?) he realizes that Tommy is not going to be the one to fill the void in his heart.

Don`t miss the sex-sational continuation of the story in “Lukas in Love _ Part 2!”

Stars: Tommy Hansen, Rick Fontana, Danny Saradon, Marc Vidal, Brandon Manilow, Lukas Ridgeston, Tim Hamilton, Ethan Clarke, Josh Elliot, Yves Carradine

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