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Video: Lauderdale Strip

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New Boy In Town:

Fort Lauderdale is a Mecca for young men of all types and blond boy-toy Cameron Young finds that as the new kid in town he is instantly popular. Dark haired Mark Mathews picks Cameron up while hitchhiking and they go back to his beach house to get acquainted. In no time at all they are tangled in an embrace and fighting to get their clothes off. Cameron’s cock is pulled free first and Mark swallows it in a flash. A little bit of foot licking sends Cameron into a giggling fit, then Mark moves his tongue to Cameron’s ass for a nice long rim job. Mutual cock sucking follows and then a great fuck session with Mark plowing Cameron’s lilly-white ass relentlessly. Mark pops his nut first, shooting all over Cameron’s belly, then Cameron brings himself off, adding to the mess while Mark licks the blond boy’s balls. The two hotties shower off outside next to the pool before heading out to the clubs for the night.

Stripped Bare:

Johnny’s in Ft. Lauderdale has a great strip show and tonight Tiger Ray is the featured dancer. He quickly loses his skimpy clothes and prances around the stage flaunting his heavy uncut cock. Boss Ira runs the joint and Cameron comes to him looking for a job. The dirty old man looks the cute blond up and down, has him strip for him and gets a good feel of the merchandise before giving him a chance to prove himself on stage.

Blonds Have More Fun:

Back stage Cameron is all nerves as he prepares to do his first strip dance. Tiger Ray tries to put him at ease by telling him how he met the very hot Austin Gordon while cruising the beach. They rushed back to Tiger’s place and get naked for some fun. Both guys have long blond hair and Austin is sucking Tiger’s skinned back cock before you can say “cocksucker.” Austin’s legs are in the air and Tiger’s cock is up his ass just as fast. These two blonds fuck like wild rabbits until they collapse in exhaustion and finish themselves off to creamy orgasms.

Pauly Want A Fuck?:

Tiger continues his story by telling how he introduced Austin to Boss Ira and the Boss’ assistant Pauly Wiseguy. Pauly takes a liking to Austin and has the blond boy put on a special audition just for him. Austin goes down on the muscled man’s cock while Pauly talks dirty to him. After a nice long cock sucking, Pauly slams his cock into the blond’s eager ass and gives him a hard and loud fucking. Pauly finally gets his nut while jerking himself off as Austin fondles his manly balls.

First Dollar:

Cameron makes it up on stage at last. He starts out a little stiff, but as his clothes come off he loosens up a little. Boss Ira gives Cameron his first dollar to get the young man on the road to stardom.

Cooking In The Kitchen:

After the club closes, Cameron and Tiger are doing dishes (because they won’t let Boss Ira screw them) and they end up getting very friendly with each other. Soon Tiger is sliding his lips around Cameron’s big hard cock but they don’t know that Boss Ira is watching their every move on a spy camera. Cameron swings on Tiger’s cock for a while and then Tiger licks his feet for a little bit before forcing his hard dick into Cameron’s tight asshole. These two guys fuck standing up, then with Cameron on his back, then Cameron sits down on Tiger’s cock for a fucking good ride and blows his load with Tiger’s dick up his ass. Tiger strokes himself to an oozing orgasm that covers his uncut cock in a cummy mess. This whole tape is very “tongue-in-cheek” but stay tuned at the end of the tape for some funny out-takes from the flick.

Stars: Tiger Ray, Mark Matthews, Austin Gordon, Pauly Wiseguy, Uncle Al

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