Justin’s Gang Vol. 12

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Video: Justin's Gang Vol. 12

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CitiBoyz Video
19-year-old hard body, Justin Slater will have you cumming in no time in this scene. Watch him as he showers and lathers up his tight and defined body. You’ll wish that you were that lucky bar of soap. He finishes up his shower, dries off, and moves into his bedroom to finish up. Slowly massaging his huge and delicious slab of meat, measuring 9″. If you haven’t blown your load yet, just wait for him to blow his; it is definitely a sight to remember. Justin orgasms into a huge load of boy jism which never seems to stop. After the finale of erupting juices, he lays back on the bed, completely covered in his fluids.
18 year-old Drake Carmichael is our little master of seduction, performing a love dance, wearing nothing but see through sheets. Quite a delicious treat to see. Upon conclusion of his dance, he relaxes back on the bed to finish his work. He strokes his sizeable erection, showing us that this ebony twink means business. He finally climaxes into a load of twink nectar which erupts over his stomach and chest. You’ll suddenly crave for chocolate!
In this scene, our young 18 y/o fashion model, Trey Camden, is trying on some new outfits in front of his full sized mirror. Getting turned on and extremely horny by his own grace and charm, our little narcissist decides the clothing can wait, and strips down to pleasure himself. He may be short in stature, but he definitely makes up for it. His 8″ of boy cock swells and throbs for your viewing pleasure as Trey strokes, pulls, and massages his beautiful dick. He explodes into squirt after squirt of flying boy cum. A cute, naked boy with cum on his chest and stomach, makes you hungry, right?
You’ve seen the cute boys of Citiboyz in many combinations and positions, but never before have you seen this many of them exploring each other at one time. Witness five of our delicious twinks get it on in a sleazy, dimly lit back room at their fave nightclub. Gage Powers, Ethan Masters, Trey Camden, Bradley Allen, and Justin Slater are beyond control at this point, and have no choice but to let loose and show their friends just what they have to offer. Watch them sucking in every way imaginable, which is quite a few considering there’s five of them, and finally climaxing as they all jerk off, shooting their huge loads one after another. This is a scene for anyone who loves multiple partners, loads of cum, cute boys, and tons of oral fun!

Stars: Justin Slater, Gage Powers, Ethan Masters, Trey Camden, Bradley Allen, Drake Carmichael

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