French Spermoboys Vol. 2

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Video: French Spermoboys Vol. 2

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French Spermoboys
Ninety minutes of bare love, monster dicks, anal ejaculations, sperm eating, and kissing. So, please fuck and sperm my French ass! Arnaud de Tassigny has successfully mastered a perfect film; it’s a film without taboos and without limitations, including even more anal cum shots. Welcome to Arnaud and Spermoboys: Young guys oversized, friendly, and very open with gaping asses, luscious lips, and monstrous gear….in short, everything that France offers its visitors plenty of. Five horny young couples are featured: Kiril buggers Salvator, Gregory fucks Guillamue, Clement drills Ludovic, and Benjamin, Ramses and Viktor take turns butt fucking each other!

Stars: Viktor Shadow, Salvator Esteban, Ramses Moudhil, Ludovic Magnum, Kiril Milovan, Guillamue Lazare, Gregory Morales, Clement Ryuu, Benjamin Carrera

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