French Lover

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Comme des Anges
14 fucking hot young guys ready to do anything for you. Is Nicolas a true representative of French youths? Must someone really fuck 14 young and horny studs in one day to find a location to live? And why is his mother badgering him?

14 handsome, unleashed and no-holds-barred young guys, amateurs chosen among hundreds of applicants, fuck deep and hard in front of your very eyes, without ever cheating.

Badgered by his mother, Nicolas has only one day to find himself an apartment. You will be witness to all the ordeals that a very cute and a bit stupid young man goes through at the hands of real estate agents and potential co-tenants.

Nicolas does all that one asks him, fucks everybody and ends his day covered with sperm. And since it is the open season, make like everyone: come and play with Nicolas.

Stars: Nicholas

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