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Video: Flings

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Bel Ami
Fling yourself in front of the big screen and join 11 of Bel Ami’s top models, including four exciting new talents, in six joyous, impulsive romps. Experience the spontaneous action as they exhibit their playful and boundless appetite for sex. And crawl under the Bel Ami Christmas tree for a special holiday episode that redefines the spirit of giving. “Flings” are casual liaisons. Nothing serious, nothing meant to last, just insatiable fun.

“What makes the Bel Ami pictures stand above American [more] twink movies is the natural beauty that Duroy seems to have captured and bottled. The cast, of course, are smooth twinks with uncut cocks and a palpable passion that oozes from the screen. There’s not one “trade” types or poseurs, and none exude even the smallest amount of self-consciousness. This is obviously not a California-made flick. Though the running time isn’t very long, Flings feels lengthy – probably because the flick is packed with wall-to-wall sex.

There are six couplings, or “flings,” that occur. Each fling features two of the adorable boys. The last fling is a special “Christmas” fling.

The movie opens with Bouvier and Hamilton playing on a trampoline. They frolic and bounce atop of one another, finding randy moments amidst their playground trek. Soon they are walking to an abandoned building (a beautiful one, of course) where they first French kiss and then make passionate love to one another. Their scene, like all the others is riveting.

Other set-ups include darling boys playing footsie at the table, darling boys feeding one another, darling boys wearing Santa hats while decorating the tree, etc. Of course, every scenario soon morphs into gorgeously filmed escapades of the boys kissing, sucking, and fucking one another. Many of the scenes feature each boy shooting two loads. Most the guys also flip-flop so that they can receive cock after they have given it. Facial cum showers are also featured. If you liked any of Duroy’s other flicks, or just love passion and beauty then this flick is definitely for you. Mark my words, you will be replaying and replaying. The words “gorgeous,” “adorable” and “darling” aren’t even quite descriptive enough to do Flings and its beautiful European boys justice.” -Scott Templeton

Stars: Chris Cameron, Jeff Daniels, Mirko Polakov, Danny Saradon, Dano Sulik, Tim Hamilton, Marcel Bouvier, Adrian Kinski, Oliver Krist, Nico Tiziani, Valentine Nabokov

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