Dirty Chavs Innit

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Video: Dirty Chavs Innit

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When lippy office boy Ian photocopies his arse, he gets caught. To get out of trouble he cockily offers himself to the boss. The cursing cocksucker then has his tight hole rimmed and pounded till he spurts his jism in a noisy climax. In the mail room, two ‘dirty chav’ post boys suck, lick and pump away at one another. In the workshop, cocky scally lad Jay is struggling with his work; his manager eagerly helps out and a torrid teen trio ensues. Finally in dispatch, blonde boy Brad tests a defective customer return on his puckered hole whilst wearing tight white briefs. He’s spied upon by mischievous Jay who can’t resist ramming his massive dick into Brad’s willing arse and dumping his load all over his pretty boy face.

Stars: Ian James, Reece, Brad Johnson, Alex Jay, Joey Carter, Stefan Richard, TK Topps, Hector Felix

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