Boy, Oh Boy!

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Video: Boy, Oh Boy!

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In BOY, OH BOY!, Tom Ross spies on his older brother Bill getting it on with his friend Terry Gardner and gets ideas of his own. His own hidden desire for guys is awakened and he takes advantage of the arrival of T.J. Stryker to find out what it’s all about. Meanwhile, his friend Brandon Wells gets his first taste of guy-to-guy sex from Tony Davis, another friend of Bill’s. It’s over at Tom and Bill’s that Tony meets Michael Brandon. While Bill’s away, Tony gets to explore Michael’s huge endowment. Later, Tom and Tony find out that they’ve both recently done it with guys and they decide to see if their friend Nick Harmon will do it too. Nick’s all too willing and the three of them have a wild time at it. Afterwards, Tom drifts off to sleep and dreams about Vinnie Marino.

Stars: Michael Brandon, Tony Davis, Brandon Wells, Bill Hunter, Nick Harmon, Vinnie Marino, Tom Ross, T.J. Stryker, Terry Gardner

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