Bare Gangsters

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Video: Bare Gangsters

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Tainted Twinx
Caught red-handed shoplifting or breaking into buildings, the bad boys in Bare Gangsters can choose between doing time in the slammer – or working off their punishment on the spot! A bad-ass gangsta’ kidnaps a young twink at gunpoint and, with a gun to his head, demands that he sucks on his bare cock. Two bad boys march an innocent twink deep into the woods where, after getting their cocks sucked, his cute twink arse is lubed with spit before one of them muscles in on his tight bubble butt. Two young lovers make out in the grounds of a derelict house, dining out al fresco on bare cock and creamy spunk! A mean looking bad boy drags an unsuspecting twink to an abandoned warehouse and forces his dry bare cock between his tight cheeks – puncturing his virgin arse. Abducted blindfold and taken to the woods, an innocent twink has his cute arse tongue fucked before he chokes on his abductor’s cock. With his hoodie pulled up, the captor bare-fucks his virgin captive, before unloading a spunk milkshake on his tongue. With more than a dozen cock and arse hungry twinks in six dirty bareback scenes, you’ll find big, juicy, uncut cocks that spray spunk everywhere. These boys have such fuckable arses you’ll want to fondle the screen! Join the gang!

Stars: Jack, George Tony, Aziz Husan, Steve Horak, Tyler Quinn, Hank Lue, Sam Dolce, Chris Lloyd, Ethan Irwin, Josh Beacham, Jerry Sole, Patrick Sweet, Mark Zorana

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