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Video: Almost Caught!

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In ALMOST CAUGHT!, truck driver Vit Zboril passes the time behind the wheel of his big rig reminiscing about the rush he and his friends experience from almost getting caught while having sex! First, he remembers the exciting story of his friend Leos Jodl, who bottomed for his friend Jiri Matocha, while there was a house full of people downstairs! Next, he recalls the story his friend Rosta Fiala told him about the time he bottomed for his co-worker Jaroslav Veslesky in a public dining room just off a crowded bar! Then, he reveals another of Jaroslavs stories. This one about the time he topped Martin Petrasek in the back of a van parked in the middle of a busy town square! Finally, Vit recalls his own story of almost getting caught at a truck stop rest room where he bottomed for fellow truck driver Petr Zahradnicek, while the other truckers waited in line just outside the door!

Stars: Petr Zahradnicek, Jaroslav Veselsky, Jiri Matocha, Martin Petrasek, Vit Zboril, Leos Jol, Ross Fiala

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