A1 Twinks #1

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Video: A1 Twinks #1

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Indigo Male Productions
Marko is a young, cute Russian guy that applied to an ad that we were running. He has a terrific smile and a lean-toned and very athletic body. During the interview, he told us that he always dreamed of showing off in front of the camera. He says he purposely walks around the gym locker room naked just so that all the other guyz can see his package – he’s very proud of it! When you see it you’ll know why.

Dougie is a bartender by trade with a great face. He’s a real collegiate type guy that has a great smile. See his dick pop right out of his pants during the interview! Although he said he is straight, he thought it was kool to see the cameraman have a hard on during the filming of his scene. Who knows where that could lead to…with the right guy!

Ricky is a young skater guy we found one afternoon skateboarding at city hall. Just off the cuff, we saw he had a look and approached him. He was flattered and embarrassed at the proposition, but very hard just at the thought of an opportunity to strip off in front of the camera! Ricky has a terrific lean physique, naturally smooth and naturally muscular. He pops off a huge load – that cute ‘bed-head’ look is totally irresistible!

Victor is a rough and tough raver type that we found, complete with attitude, tattoos, and a terrific smooth body! He is a straight guy that did our video shoot after partying with his girlfriend. He shoots a terrific load of jizz, despite fucking his girlfriend earlier that day! See him clean up his cummy mess and lick his fingers clean.

Sebastien has a long, lean and smooth body, couple of tattoos and a huge dick! Ball cap, cut off t-shirt, and white socks is what he wore to the interview. See his big nuts spew a hot load all over himself and the floor!

Stars: Ricky, Victor, Marko, Dougie, Sebastien (General)

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