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Video: Will

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For all of you hairy nut lovers, this one’s for you. I thought Will was very cute with pretty eyes and lips and a slim hairless body. Will had hairy nutz, as stated. Hmmm. He had an above average cock a bit on the thin side, which makes it even more suckable! Will employed the basic cock in hand job technique but occasionally he used the hand over cock technique. He was very quiet and most of the time was into the video or closing his eyes and using his imagination. He wasn’t too creative in showing off his body. What he enjoyed the most was laying back and whacking it. Wonder why he didn’t play with his hairy balls? You’d figure playing with those hairs would send shivers up his spine. I didn’t have to edit too much as he was pretty much in the same position and maintained a healthy boner the whole time. No fluffin’ necessary for this youngin’.

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