What Happens At Joe’s… Stays At Joe’s

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Video: What Happens At Joe's... Stays At Joe's

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Joe Schmoe Productions
Today’s young str8 dudes amaze me. So many are so comfortable in their sexuality, that they are able to enjoy the warm mouth or ass of a guy and then able to go home to the ol’ lady, until the next time. All it takes is a lil’ trust and one simple rule: What Happens At Joe’s…Stays at Joe’s.
Scene 1:
Chubby, macho, redneck white boy Chez stopped by one night. He’s straight, but you can tell he enjoys fuckin’ around. I think he gets off on other guys finding him hot. We showed him a clip of our model Blaze fuckin’ his girl, to get him started, and soon his curved country cock was ready to go. Black Joe wastes no time and moves in on the young redneck dick. Interracial at it’s amateur best. After a lil’ bareback fuckin’, Chez splasts Black Joe in the face with some sweet, redneck jizz.
Scene 2:
Young, redneck, streetboy Hollywood, dropped by for a real quick nut. He is a big shooter…needed some safety glasses for this nut shot.
Scene 3:
Jason and his cousin stopped by one night. Jason seemed to really get off on having his cousin there. It must be that whole ”trust” thing. He jerks and face fucks, before shooting the biggest load I’ve seen from him. I’ve known the cousin for quite sometime, but haven’t seen him for a while. He was always hot as a teenager, but as a young man I think he’s even hotter. He told me he was 23, but after he gave me his ID, I found he was 22. He is sexy, with a nice body and nice cock. In this clip he was a lil’ nervous, and it shows, but he’ll be back, and more relaxed.

Stars: Jason, Jon, Chez

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