Turkish Monuments #3: Mendil Mendil

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Video: Turkish Monuments #3: Mendil Mendil

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Turkish Monuments
Once again we ventured into the rough areas of Turkish cities and found some sexy, horny Turkish guys. In these areas, living conditions are cramped and there is little chance of privacy. So if young Turks need to bust a nut, they have to be quick to shoot their load. And they had better make sure they clean up the sticky mess before the whole family is back home. This is why every Turk is grateful for the invention of paper tissue, called ”Mendil” in Turkish, which is so handy to get rid of the sticky cum. As always, don’t expect plucked eyebrows, waxed chests or fancy camera work. But do expect horny, straight Turks ready to show off their ”Turkish Monuments.”

Scene 1:

We met Serdat about 2 years ago, and this guy is incredible. Low-hanging balls, huge Turkish salami between his legs and always horny! He works his cock and then finally shoots a huge load. Our camera was in real danger to get showered in his cum!

Scene 2:

Gokhan is young and a bit inexperienced. But he soon gets in the mood and his nice sausage gets harder and harder. However, Gokhan is a clean young man and he makes sure he spreads some Mendil (tissue) on his thigh that can absorb all his cum. He shoots his juicy load and it lands in the tissue.

Scene 3:

Mustafa is 21 years old and still a bit boyish looking in some ways. However, he also has something wild and rough about him. As the sweat starts to glisten on his defined stomach some precum starts to glisten on his cock-head. Finally he can’t control himself any longer and urgently asks for permission to cum. Permission granted!!!

Scene 4:

Umut is real rough. His left eye a bit swollen from a fight the night before he nevertheless was desperate to go ahead with the video. And we soon found out why because if he looks like he is about to explode if he does not get his rocks off soon. After stroking his hard cock real good he shoots a fountain of cum up in the air. More than just one tissue is needed to clean that sticky mess up!

Stars: Mustafa, Serdat, Umut, Gokhan

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