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Video: Tommy

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I met Tommy because he was one of the painters of my courtyard condo building. I was sneaky in that I noticed which car belonged to which dude and I put my biz card on the driver’s seat or stick it in the window frame.
Tommy was handsome and a very large man as you can see he weighs 235lbs and is 6 foot. He was kinda quiet most of the time, though he had a great sense of humor and the groans that came out of his body really got my balls moving.
Tommy was fucking rock hard before he got his cock out. He had a big and fat, beautiful boner. His cock is 7.5-8 inches long and real fat, but looked a hellava lot bigger.

Sometimes he is a double fisted stroker. You can really see and hear when he got close to shooting his load, then edged as he slowed down, closing his eyes and really got in to a slow bone whack.
I loved the sound of his fat cock slapping against the coffee table. He, himself, proclaimed his sausage has a big ass helmet! He dropped a nice load on the table. Sure looked tasty!

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