There’s A Party At Joe’s… You Cummin?

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Video: There's A Party At Joe's... You Cummin?

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Joe Schmoe Productions
New guy Chuck stops by to make his first vid ever. Our pal Lucky stops by one night and parties with me and Blaze. And our Buddy Chez is back in town for a visit. It’s a party at Joe’s…you Cummin yet?

Scene 1:

Young ghetto whiteboy Chuck stopped by to make his internet debut. He’s full of energy and tells me some stories of his adventures while partying. Since it’s his first time, I have him flex a lil’ bit, he tells us about his first time then he kicks back in the Schmoelounger and busts one out.

Scene 2:

I was planning on spending a quiet night at home when outta the blue I get a call from Lucky. We haven’t seen him in awhile and he’s eager to come on over and ”hang out.” He’s put on a lil’ weight since we have last filmed him and he looks prettty good. Blaze was over also, and the two of them hang out and party. Before you know it, there’s a lil’ dick suckin’ going on and eventually Blaze ends up with a face fulla cum. The next morning though, the tables are turned as Lucky offers up his young ass to Blazes throbbin’ first boner of the day.

Scene 3:

We were hanging out one night, playing some cards, Chez, Blaze, Black Joe, and myself. One thing leads to another and Chez and Blaze are trading blow jobs. Chez decides he’s gonna go interracial and stick his crooked redneck cock all in Black Joes ass. Blaze films as I watch and JO. Chez treats Black Joe like his 5th kids baby mamma. As Chez fucks him, only pausing to make out with him, I shoot my load watchin’. Then chez shoots his country cum all over Black Joe. As usual…it’s as amateur as it gets…and then some.

Stars: Blaze, Lucky, Chuck, Black Joe, Chez

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