Teenboys In The Hood

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Video: Teenboys In The Hood

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Joe Schmoe Productions
Another Film made from our PRIVATE collection of amateur, straight, teenboys from the ‘Hood. These aren’t ”models,” just horny young straight guys tryin’ to make a buck. These three guys have never been seen before on the net or video. Like all Joe Schmoe Productions, ”it’s as amateur as it gets…and then some.”

P.S ALL of Joe Schmoes movies have slo-mo cumshots right after the regular cumshot…saw some producers advertising that in the descriptions of their flicks and just wanted you to know…Joe has ’em too.


Young, skinny, teenboy Aiden, stops by to bust a nutt for our cam. After carefully reviewing his model release, he kicks back in the chair, and starts jerkin’. He’s another one that’s too shy to finger his hole on cam, but you can tell he really, really wants to. He’s got some of the most ”pristine” boy feet I’ve seen in awhile, they are constantly moving and toe curling…it’s hot. He pretty much ignores the str8 video he picked out, and whenever I look up from the cam, he’s staring at me, with that ”passion of youth.” I asked him to change positions for his cumshot, since he usually cums a ton, and I kinda messed it up, cause he only cums a lil’ bit…it’s still hot though. Since the cumshot is the best part of a clip, IMO, we waited till we could hook-up with Aiden to film another one before releasing this scene.

Aiden #2:

Aiden again, this time with a bigger nutt. We caught up with him a couple of weeks later. I knew he was on his way over, so I “accidentally” let him catch me watching a clip of Gage from our earlier video, Straight Shooters. Since Aiden knows all the guys in that vid, I fgured he might like watchin’ it, even though he says he’s straight. He’s boned-up in no time, and this time, I just let him cum when he was ready. This time, it’s closer to his usual giant load. It’s funny, but he cums exactly at the same time that Gage cums onscreen. Go figure.


Teenboy Scott, is just shy of his 19th birthday. He’s charming, with a good personality, so don’t let those Jailhouse tattoo’s and the swastika boxers fool ya. It’s his first-time on cam, plus he’s a little bit homophobic, but he manages to give us a decent nutt shot. Like most teenboys, he’s got lilttle self-control, but we manage to catch the shot. If you like rough around the edges, REAL, straight, teenboy dick, you’ll LOVE Scott.


We finally caught-up with Blaze (aka Rudy) again. He got promoted at the sandwich shop he works at, and hasn’t had much time to get away. He tells us about the first time he got laid, and then the first time he jacked of as a kid. He then kicks back and jerks his big ol’ cock with a healthy helping of Vaseline. He tells me to ”get over here” right before shooting his first load of teen spunk of the day. It’s a nice load and I catch the shot.

Plus a preview of our upcoming flick: Redneck Cracker Jackers, featuring a Short clip of Brad (from JSP03 Street Cocks 4 Rent) trimming his overgrown bush, to make his dick look bigger, showering, and then working up to an explosive load. And a short clip of angry redneck Jay as he works his way to a load. Look for this film, featuring these two, plus two more local, amateur, redneck jackers on AMVC.com soon.

Stars: Blaze, Aiden, Scott

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