Tanner & Billy’s Circle Jerk

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Video: Tanner & Billy's Circle Jerk

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This time Tanner meets a newcomer, who is a bit shy about his body. 19 year-old newcomer, Billy, joins Tanner in an Indianapolis hotel, where he unleashes his teenage sexual frustration in the company of another man for the first time.

After getting Billy over his initial shyness, he wanks for the camera like a pro. Meanwhile, Tanner is on the bed next to Billy slowly working himself to a mind blowing orgasm.

Tanner arrived at our shoot dirty, as usual — this is good, as we once again enjoy Tanner washing his awesome body. This time, Tanner is shown toweling off before moving to the bed.

Once in the bedroom of the hotel, Tanner joins Billy, who he just met for the first time. Tanner and Billy get right to work. Like Tanner, Billy still lives at home and is often rushed through his home masturbation sessions. But now Billy is able to slow down and enjoy himself, as we enjoy watching.

Stars: Billy, Tanner

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