Take Your Pants Off And Jack It

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Video: Take Your Pants Off And Jack It

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Joe Schmoe Productions
What do a 19 yr old virgin ”superchub”, a 19 yr old str8 boy with a dildo, a 20 yr old str8 redneck thugboy who gets his first BJ from a guy and his bush trimmed, and a 20 yr old skinny twinkboy have in common? They all know where to go to hang out and bust a nutt, for some extra cash. It’s amateur dick suckin, dildoin’, jerkin’, pube trimmin’ and cummin’ in this lightly edited collection of clips. As usual, it’s as amateur as it gets and them some.
Aiden: Young teenboy Aiden strokes one out for us. Since his girl dumped him, he’s been coming around a lil’ more often. Tonight, he just wants to cum and go, and earn a lil’ extra cash to go towards probation fees.

Jason and Walter: Jason and Walter stop by for a smoke and a trim. Walter did a solo last week for us, but he has no idea of the stuff that might happen at Joe’s. He seems a little shy, as I trim his gigantic bush in front of his buddy. He doesn’t want to show his dick soft at first.

When Jason gets served-up, the look of shock on Walters face is priceless. Walter looks up to Jason and I think Walter is surprised that Jason gets served up by a guy, in front of him. Jason is so excited when watching me serve-up his young thug friend, that he nutts unexpectedly, allowing me to focus on the young redneck thugboys big hard cock. After Walter nutts in my face, he reminds everyone he is straight, and he’s out. Later that night (off cam) Walter admits to it being the best BJ he’s ever had. (I wasn’t even really trying that hard). You know it’s supposed to be gross, ”a guy sucking a guy,” and when Walter found he enjoyed it, it kinda fucked him up. I reassure him of his straight studliness, and send him on his way.
Blaze: Curious, teenboy Blaze works his butthole over with a new toy. I got him a smaller one this time, and you can tell he really likes it. He says it makes him, “cum out his butt.” After that, he jacks his cock and shoots his teenage boy cum into my face and mouth.

Nick: 19 Yr old new cummer Nick is a ”super chub”. A virgin super chub. He is a local college student, that still lives at home, who wanted to show off on cam. His dick was hard the entire time. I realize that chubs might not be everyone’s thing, but he was cute and eager to do a vid, so I put him on. Black Joe served him a lil bit, and told him he could do things to him that would make his eyes roll back in his head. Next thing you know Nick is shooting his young fat chubby load all over, and his dick was still hard. He says he’s bi, but I can tell he’s VERY curious. If y’all like him, leave us a note on our blog and we’ll make more vids with him.

Stars: Blaze, Jason, Nick, Aiden, Walter

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