Stud Files Case #3: Jeri Mann

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Video: Stud Files Case #3: Jeri Mann

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Big Red Curtain Productions
This is the third installment of Stud Files, where our very sexy straight men cum to shine and shoot. This one takes place in the great outdoors – in the Pacific Northwest – one of the most beautiful areas on Earth.

Jeri takes a stroll along a glacier fed river, where the water is just above freezing. He settles down on an old growth tree that fell years ago. He strips down to what his momma – and daddy – gave him. And they gave him a prize!!! He is gifted with baby blue eyes, a toned body, big bouncing balls, and a very long and very thick cock. Oh what a cock! His cock is strong and at the same time pretty. His cock could put a beer can to shame. Oh, and by the way, he has a nice cock. He strokes his lube shined cock and balls to attention. Then he takes a short break for some ”long” photos. He gets back to work, pumping that cock until there is a small pond of white Jeri juice on his belly. Then he walks over to the river and while standing in the water, he scoops up his cum with his finger and eats it. Anyone Hungry?

Take a look at the previous scene from a different angle. Get a little closer to the action – and to his big cock – with a second camera. Behind the scenes, Jeri poses for photos along and in the river. He is a real trooper, getting on his knees naked in the icy water. You can’t ask for a better guy to work with – or look at!

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