Straight Or Gay? #3

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Video: Straight Or Gay? #3

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Pat and Sam
Austin and his Toy:

I got Austin to stuff his ass with a toy! I finally wore him down. He’s tried it at home, and he’s done a commercial video in Hollywood that shows him getting dogged. This is the first one he’s done for me. Looking his “Mountain Boy” best – a nice hairy chest, kind of scruffy. That’s the way I like him the most. To watch him get all funky and nasty makes him even better. He chose a purple toy with nice balls to play with. He’d seen other guys with it, and thought it would feel good. He got all turned on watching girls get ass fucked, he lubed up real nice and started sliding those balls in one by one. It hurt at first, but he really started getting into it and jerking off to beat the band. After having his channel massaged nicely his balls really pumped out a nice wad. If you’ve seen his “Hollywood” work (as Cody Alexander), you’ll agree this is much better. He looked like he was in agony the whole time he was getting fucked in the other scene, but in this one he really enjoys it and he wants more. He just feels a little more comfortable here at our place. He said he’ll try the real thing next! This is for all his fans that have asked to see his hole getting stuffed. Enjoy!

Troy Big’s 2nd Session:

Here is the second video from this super hump! I was instantly smitten by Troy’s sexy body and big dick, so I was very anxious to have him come over for his second show. He and I had talked before about his maybe getting a blow job, so I was wondering if I could talk him into it. I did. We filmed this one in on the bed, and he was looking at some very dirty magazines. His cock looked so big and tasty that I asked if he would like to get it sucked. He said sure, and so I set the camera down, aimed it just right, and then proceeded to jam as much of his fantastically hard cock down my throat as I could get. You get to see me give him a nice long blowjob in this scene. I sure wanted to finish him off, but I know duty comes first, so when he was getting ready to cum I picked up the camera again so I could get a good shot of it. He always blasts out gobs of creamy jizz. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Well… Maybe not quite as much.

Dylan’s 1st Session:

Do I know how to seduce straight guys, or what? Here we have Dylan who is 19 y/o and from Phoenix. I think he’s just a fucking stud with his pierced tits and sexy tattoo. I asked him right off the bat if he were straight, gay, or bi, and he said straight. I don’t think he was lying either. I can tell when someone has gotten their first blowjob from a man before. This is really it. The totally cool thing about this video (besides the fact that Dylan is so cute) is the way he gives himself over to desire. I don’t force myself on anyone (as any aficionado of my videos will attest to), at the same time I’m very open about the fact that I like stud cock and ass. I’ve always felt that an open and honest invitation makes the act end up being much more fun than a clandestine groping or forced sex. This video shows just how to do it. This started out as a typical first time j/o video with us talking about what he likes to do with girls, and me telling him what I like to do with guys.

Trent Stone’s 1st Session:

Ok, you know how we become infatuated with new boys here, especially when they are cute, young, and HORNY! Trent lands in that category with a HUGE BANG! He is one hot boy. But, we should begin with his first scene, and here it is. Trent is just 18 y/o, but he’s got a jump on lots of 40 y/o I know for intensity. He lives with a girl, and says he’s mostly straight, but that he likes guys sometimes too. He’s not a muscle boy. He doesn’t go for the tanned Hollywood beach boy look either. His hair was a little shaggy in this first video. He’s kind of a hippie boy, real laid back. You know how I have an eye for potential and he has it. Just look at that face! He has the most adorable green eyes that just draw you in like a magnet! And when he smiles… You know I like all kinds of bodies, from hardbody muscle studs like Cade and Austin to rounder guys like Rod. Then there are the skinny boys like Jason and Tristan. Trent is one of those thin guys, and that’s just fine with me.

Stars: Cody Alexander, Trent Stone, Troy Big, Dylan (Pat and Sam)

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