Str8 Guys Of SW Florida #3

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Video: Str8 Guys Of SW Florida #3

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Pegasus Productions

The first scene is with Tim. I saw his ad on an adult site where he was looking for work. He wanted to do str8 vids and at that time I had a female model who wanted to work as well. I told him that if the solo went well I would schedule them both for a shoot. Unfortunately even though the shoot went VERY well I was not able to make the arrangements before the female model left the area. I have tried to get Tim back for another shoot, but so far have been unable to make it happen so this is the only vid I have of him. It starts out as a video of a photoshoot so I have him tell us a little about himself as I take the stills. Tim has a very good naturally fit body. I was surprised when he said that he didn’t work out at all except for a bit of running.

After he takes off his clothes we can see all of his fine body. I have him stand on the bed and show off a bit. All in all a VERY nice body and dick. Next, I have him kneel down and start to get hard, he says he has a 7”er but I really think it is bigger than that. At any rate if there were a contest for the best looking dick I would enter Tim. Beautiful! Finally he lays back and starts working that perfect cock till he shoots on his abs. This kid has a LOT of cum to shoot, just wait till you see. Nice slow motion replay of cum shot too. Tim was a great model and if I ever get the chance to do another shoot with him I will jump at the chance!


Scene two is with Josh. I got him the same way as Tim, but our arrangement was just for the solo shoot, although he is str8 also. Josh is an enthusiastic amateur surfer from California here in SW Florida to see what the beaches were like, as well as to visit family. After a short interview he gets to stripping for the camera. He has a great ALL over tan. When I asked him how many people he shocked getting his tan, he told me that he got it in a tanning booth. Boring! This was also a video of a photoshoot so the beginning of the vid is of him posing while I take the stills. After about 5 minutes I give him the go ahead and we get to see the merchandise.

Josh has an 8” dick and although it takes him a bit to get it hard (it IS his first ever shoot!) it is impressive. I have him play a bit in several positions and finally give him the go ahead to get off. He really gets into working his big dick and put on a very good show for us. As he gets closer he lays back and shoots a nice load on his stomach. Once again I have included a nice slow motion replay of the cum shot. Josh actually stayed right there and gave me another come shot right away with just a few seconds between. Any body interested in seeing that vid please let us know.

Stars: Josh, Tim

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