Solo Strokes

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Video: Solo Strokes

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Southern Strokes
Southern Strokes celebrates the beauty of the southern male. Our models are mostly straight, masculine, southern men who enjoy showing off their bodies for you. We film in high definition for optimal image quality. We invite your feedback!

With Brodie’s dark features and green eyes, he seems to have a mysterious side to him. Once he gets relaxed and gets hard, he seems to be a natural, working and stroking his cock to get it rock hard! As he shoots his load, little squirts shoot all over, hitting many areas of his body. It wasn’t until I was editing that I noticed this: After he shoots, he rubs his wet cock and tastes his recent load!

Johnny is a unique boy, full of attitude and the tattoos to match. Tight bod, smooth ass, and a hot 7.5 inch cock! Johnny was a little shy at first, but after doing a few photo sets, his personality started to show through with a smile every now and then. Johnny strokes his cock without much sound until he is so close to blowing his load! He shoots all over his chest, close to hitting his face! Damn, I only wish he’d made it a few more inches.

Beau is a young, friendly, outgoing boy! At 20, he is full of adventure. With some run-ins with the local police, he has also found lots of trouble as well! During Beau’s video, the look in his eyes is very inviting! He knows how to entice the audience with his round ass and hard cock. Beau’s load is as thick as his cock! Watch him release every drop. As Beau has said many times, ”There is more to me than you’ll ever know.” We only hope that we get to know more of Beau and discover all his deep desires! We tease him, saying he will soon be our ”Token Bottom Boy!”

Brandon is a professional Extreme Cage Fighter…lean, tight, and quick. With his 8.5” cock, he has what it takes to make the boys moan. During his photo sets, we let him take control and pick where he wanted to go. And with that he took control, stripping naked in the middle of a hillside and crawling up the hill butt ass naked. ”Dimples” is our nickname for Brandon. Just above his firm round ass, he has the nice indentions of a worked out bod.

Stars: Brandon, Johnny, Beau, Brodie

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