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Video: Sli

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I ain’t kidding when I say he has real nice hairy legs and real nice tight balls (perfect little eggs filled with hot steamy cum my.. my god do his nutz look tasty). Watch him pump his cock and play a little with his hairy asshole. He double fists his cock real nice and does backhand jacking off, which most guys don’t do while jerking off.
He was a restless dude, using the space as he wanted and totally into his cock. This guy must love to fuck cause he really loves to drive his hips when jerking off. His cock is nice and big and thick hanging off a very skinny frame. Is it true that the lanky dudes have the big cocks?? Tell us in the forum.
This dude can’t hide the fact that he’s about to cum. He grunts and grunts and pounds his cock through his hands while pumping his hips. Whoa what a shooter. He surprised me when he shot a few small ropes and when I thought he was done, on came the chest hitting ropes of cum and the over the side of the couch ropes of cum. Nice!
This dude is true to the phrase: ”young and hung and full of cum.” He shot over his shoulder and his cum dripped down on the other side of the couch.
Time for a new couch cover anyway…lol.

Stars: Sli

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