Signature Series: Ryan

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Video: Signature Series: Ryan

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Gemini Studios
The Signature Series is a one hour video portrait by Mark Gemini of an exceptional man. The series highlights the personality and true sexiness of the performer. Special care is taken to show all of his body with special attention to his arms, arm pits, cock and, of course, ass!!
Ryan starts out dresses in ripped cut offs and a jock strap looking like Joe Dallesandro with his long hair and flawless tan. He turns around slowly so no matter what your favorite view is, you see it. He strips down to a very small pouch brief and looks too sexy for words. He does some calisthenics to impress you (it s so cut) before totally striping. He is shy and has to be persuaded to turn around and face the camera.
Next he is strung up and blindfolded in the ripped jeans and jock strap with his hands bound over his head. Hot, Hot Hot!! The camera lovingly pans his hot smooth skin before his armpits get trimmed against his wishes. But when you re strung up, you re not in charge! Hands from an unseen man play with the pouch on his jock and finally liberate the thick club like 8 dick. Tit clamps are put on him and he is oiled down, all the while his magnificent hard dick is stroked, rubbed and played with. He is put on the floor and his hard dick manipulated while a finger goes up his Butt!! He gets jacked off and cums all over his tanned torso. He pulls his legs up to give you a great but shot good enough to eat!
Spread out in a beach chair blindfolded, Ryan is ready to get worked over again. Starting with a finger and moving up to larger and larger vibrators, his dick jerk to attention He puts an anal probe in and jacks his dick to a second climax!
In the playroom handcuffed and blindfolded Ryan is quite a treat. He gets his body worked over and his dick gets bigger and bigger. A razor trims his pubes and that makes him ever harder. This guy likes to be played with! He spreads his ass so he can get fingered and than uses a vibrator on himself before being put into a sling for an anal work out. Bet you have never seen a straight guy this sexy surrender himself in this position before!!
He takes a breather after such a heavy session by the pool. He is naked, of course and very soon the sun is shinning where the sun don t shine! Yes he spreads him self-wide open for your inspection and you see it so well you could practically taste it!! The he goes inside and gets into bed asking you to fuck him. He plays with his butt and gets worked over with some toys and gets quite a hand job that results in a third gushing orgasm.
You might think this was the end, but he does another special toy session where he looks especially hot. This time he fucks hi tight straight ass with a beer bottle and a cucumber! A friend comes in and helps him insert a particularly large dildo and his rock hard dick is only slightly smaller, although just as hard! His friend cums on Ryan’s chest before a photo album shows some great still pictures of this hot and fascinating man.

Stars: Ryan (Gemini)

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