Signature Series: Marco

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Video: Signature Series:  Marco

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Gemini Studios
Here’s over 90 minutes you can spend with a hot mature man. Marco is over 35 and has spent some time on streets. He’s basically straight but more than a little gay friendly, you’ll hear all about it! This video takes him from video virgin through toys and cock sucking. Quite an education and you get to see it all!

Scene 1:

This is Marco exactly as I first began shooting him; the only thing you have missed was when I first met him and our subsequent conversation about working with us. He’s dressed in a Florida gator jersey and shorts, and a little anxious. He has an easy going personality and is just the type of guy you might alike as a neighbor. He’s in his mid thirties and relaxing on his sits ups, but he’s still hot. He strips gradually and as he gets more comfortable, we see more skin. I get him to try on some different shirts and pants and start working him toward underwear, jock straps and so forth. There are brief glimpses of his cock and ass as he changes with each costume smaller then the one before.

Finally, we can’t get any smaller and he’s naked so it’s time to get him in bed. He gets in bed and strips from underwear I had him replace and star going through or Gemini Butt Show. He doesn’t seem butt shy, which makes my job a whole lot easier! He keeps his legs in the sir, spreads his ass and flips over on his stomach for some more butt shots. After posing on his knees in a doggy style, he finishes off on the mirror. He’s getting a little anxious, so after a few butt shots on the sofa, we call it a day and agree to meet tomorrow.

It’s the next day and Marco is back and a lot more relaxed. He drops his shorts and spreads his ass right off the bat. He’s naked in no time and starts working on his cock. His dick stiffens with the aid of a DVD and some baby oil, and soon he’s back in bed jerking off. It’s great to see the more intimate moments in a mature man’s life. He rubs his ass crack and jerks his dick. Standing up he shows you his cock at full erection and then gets back I bed and jerks until he shoots all over his hand and belly. Marco hops into the shower for a quick clean up. It’s amazing how much straight men hate cum! He washes thoroughly to get it all off and we get to watch!

Scene 2:

A few days later, he’s back and we’re about to go into some strange stuff: toys! To relax him, we go through some more costumes and encourage him to express his more erotic thoughts. You can tell he’s a bit uneasy, but he gets over it pretty fast and does everything I ask him to do, which includes an enema! Cleanliness is next to good-videoness!

Now, Marco is in bed naked and clean and has some toys spread out. He shows you where he’s going to get fucked. He starts working on his cock and soon has a finger up his ass while he’s jacking his dick. His fingers are replaced by a butt plug and then a vibrator and his cock stays hard. He goes on and fucks his butt with another vibrator, a beer bottle, the larger man rammer dildo and even sucks’s dildo. He wants to get off pretty bad, so he puts an anal probe up his ass and shoots on the mirror. After wiping his load across his face and lips, he gets back in bed to pull the probe out and stretches his ass with two fingers!! Marco then shows you his toys and talks about using them.

Scene 3:

Marco goes from sucking a dildo to sucking a cock and he tells you a bit about his sexual past. It isn’t his first cock, and he sure sounds sexy as he talks with his low voice about giving and getting blow jobs on the street. A good ending for a hot video of a sexy man!

Stars: Marco

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