Signature Series: Gabe

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Video: Signature Series: Gabe

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Gemini Studios
Gabe is so straight, so hot, and so masculine that I was always surprised at what he agreed to do. He is 26, 5’11 and about 160 lbs. He works as a delivery man which explains his tank-top-tan. Gabe’s eyes are one of his best features; another is his hairy chest and then there’s his hot virgin ass! You’ll set it all in great detail in this 87 minute video!

Scene 1: Scene one is Gabe’s very first time at the studio. In his tank top he looks very working man butch and when he flexes, I am glad he came over! Since he still dressed, I can notice his eyes and deep Florida tan; once he strips my eyes will be elsewhere. He shows you his body in stages before he strips completely. Yes, he’s a little tease! When he finally drops his shorts to the ground you get to see the whole package front and back! He gets in bed wearing nothing but a jock strap and a smile and spreads out comfortably. As the camera scans over his hot tanned body you feel like you are so close you could touch (or lick) this hot man. He strips the jock off over his ankles which start an incredible show of his very straight ass. He spreads his butt and you get to see him in some classic come-fuck-me positions: on his back and on his stomach. He’s a little nervous, so I lay off the butt shots (temporarily) and let him start working on his dick. He gets hard pretty quick and seems to enjoy the baby oil. Once he is completely hard, he stands in the mirror so you can see him ”at attention” in full detail. Then he gets back in bed and jerks himself to a hot creamy climax all over his sexy hairy belly. He stands by the bed with his load dripping down his torso and clamps some nipple clamps on his hairy chest. Looking good!

Scene 2: A week later he’s back looking all cool in his black tee and shades. He’s a lot more relaxed and down with whatever. He drops his pants and boxers before taking his shirt off and seems eager to get going. He gets naked and shows his hot body off back and front even bending way over and spreading his cheeks. I get him to put on pair of cowboy boots and a hat while he’s totally naked for a kind of bunk-house fantasy. He goes through some other costume changes to set some fantasies going. Now where have I seen this guy before. Some of the costume changes allow for some great butt shots and I am all about that! And he does look great in boots and jock strap! The guy has some great ink on his back and you see a lot of back shots! There’s some leather and denim, too. I get him to walk over me as I shoot up at his cock and then turn him around and he crouches on the camera juts like he was sitting on my face! Hot!!

After the costume shoot, Gabe settles down for an interview about his sex life. His answers are unrehearsed and real. He begins to rub his body and starts getting worked up. His cock is rock hard when he pulls it out and begins to jerk it. He’s naked in a chair with a hard dick as he holds his legs up for some good butt shots before he gets back in bed for some serious play! His dick is still hard, so we shoot a lot of hard dick footage and then he does some really sexy butt shots with his legs pulled way up and back! He is spread wide open, yet he reaches down and spread his ass even more! When he lips over on his stomach he has to push his still hard dick flat between his legs. He spreads his ass again and then gets on his knees. He was so relaxed about the butt shots that I have him put his ass on a pillow, get his legs up high and start rubbing baby oil on his ass cheeks. He runs his finger in his ass crack and when I tell him to put his finger in his ass, he asks, ”are you serious?” As a heart attack (he doesn’t know me that well, yet!!) But he does finger his butt and when I hand him a beginner’s butt plug, he hesitates for a moment before ramming it home. Gabe poses with the plug up his ass and is totally cool, so I give him a little vibrator. There’s no hesitation as he takes it as deep as he can. He even holds his legs up and does a ”hands free” shot without me asking! His dick is still hard and I can just guess what thoughts are flying around his head! Gabe flips over on his stomach still being fucked by the vibrator and even spreads his ass.

The larger white vibrator is next and he is still hard as can be, yet very relaxed. He jerks his dick and throws his legs in the air again and is getting totally fucked before he flips over on his stomach. Next is the beer bottle which amuses him. (I bet some night when he’s in a bar with a buzz and looks at a beer bottle in his hand he breaks into a big old smile!) He fucks his ass and talks about what’s he doing and how surprised he is to be doing it. Isn’t this shit supposed to hurt? I decide to go all the way and hand him a zucchini. He knows right where to put it and he jerks his cock while fucking himself with the zucchini. It almost totally disappears as he holds his legs up, shows you how hard his cock is and then flips over on his stomach. With his legs spread wide, he spreads his ass and you see just how deep a fuck this really is! He even stands by the bed with the vegetable stuck in his ass! Gabe gets back on his back and jerks his dick until he shoots a load all over his belly. For a real dramatic ending, he holds his legs up and pops the zucchini sending it flying into the air! He then spreads his dilated ass for your inspection and talks about what he’s done. Gabe takes a six minute shower to clean up and we get to watch. He soaps every inch of his hot, hairy body paying special attention to the grease in his butt. Can’t let his girl friend find out, can we? After a very thorough scrubbing, he dries off and after checking his image in the mirror and putting on his right guard, he gives you a last lingering look at his naked body, until the next shoot!

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