Signature Series: Diego

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Video: Signature Series:  Diego

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Gemini Studios
Diego is 24, 6 1, and very sexy. He is totally straight, which makes his dedication to butt play all the more remarkable. He can t get enough in this anal experiment and puts on quite a show He has a tight muscular body and a great tan.

In the studio Diego wastes no time in getting naked. He is justifiably proud of his lean sexy defined body as he flexes and shows you what all the girls want. He has some hot tattoos that add to his badboy straight look. He allows the camera to slowly pan over his entire body showing you in close up detail every hot naked inch. One thing you can t miss is his low hanging balls! He puts on a pair of skimpy jean cut offs to tease you and poses showing his hot chest, arms and armpits. But he can’t stay dressed, so he gets into bed and peels off the shorts. He isn’t shy about having his legs in the air, either! He does a full butt show showing you his hot hole in every position and in every way I can think of: on his back, on his knees, spread wide for all to see and appreciate. And who wouldn’t covet this neighbor’s ass!! Holding his legs up really highlight his 6-pack abs, too! After showing you his butt, he grabs hold of his cock, gets it hard and jacks it to a creamy load, which he shoots on his belly. He hops into the shower to get cleaned up, taking a hot steamy shower after a hot steamy jack off session! And the camera lovingly caresses his body as he soaps up and shows you all he’s got. He dries off and goes back into the studio with a towel wrapped around him for another hot butt shot before getting dressed to leave.

A few days later, he is back and again eager to strip. This is to be a special session and he gets into bed to start his anal education. He thinks he is making a video for his girl friend! He tells her that he’s going to play with his ass, and slides down in bed, gets his legs up and gives us a great butt show! He begins to finger his butt greasing it up for the first toy. He slides a small butt plug all the way in and works it a bit. He can take more, so he goes for the smaller vibrator. It slides right in and feels pretty good as he fucks his virgin butt. Going larger, he steps up in size and this vibrator goes in like a homing pigeon. On his knees, he fucks his straight butt and tries several positions to see the difference. This is much as he can take today however.

He gets out all the toys, and shows you what he likes to play with. The assortment of butt toys get him hot and he fingers his ass in anticipation. Again he greases up and starts with the little plug. Then the small vibrator which gets his dick hard. Stepping up in size still feels good, so after doing another vibrator, he rams the beer bottle all the way home. And he’s still hard! After jacking his dick while getting fucked with a beer bottle, this straight boy shoves a cucumber deep inside his cherry ass. He doesn’t like it and takes it out quickly. But I like it and make him put it back in. The second time is easier and now he likes it, too.

He wants more and grabs the man-rammer dildo and works his ass over big time before greasing up a realistic latex cock and balls and sitting on them. He actually rides the rubber dick and looks great getting fucked. His balls hang down so far that I put him in a jock strap so they don’t block the view of the dildo sliding in and out of his ass. He goes for cucumber for a third time and treats it like an old green friend shoving it in with his legs up high and wide! He flips over on his knees and fucks himself with it. Now it’s time to get off, and he jacks his dick on his back with his legs thrown over his own shoulders so he can all over his handsome straight boy face!! Oh, my God! He looks hot with cum streaming down his face and he licks it off and eats his own load! It can’t get any better than this!

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